People Like Us

In the early 2000s, celebrity photographers began photographing stars from TV and movies doing daily and mundane tasks. It was a great success because the public loved to identify with such personalities. The images were bought by tabloids and were known by the name of "People like Us". But not only celebrities are just like us. So are people living on the margins of society. People who, once demoted to the most precarious condition of life, do not have the opportunity or strength to regain their dignity.


So why won't many identify with them?

As I walked the old city center of São Paulo, I was shocked by the large number of people living on the streets. The rain came, and then my encounters started happening under the marquees. I listened carefully to their stories and try to understand their personal truth.

*IPA (International Photography Awards) 3rd Place

*14th Spider Award Portrait 1st Place (Single Image: Laura)