About the artist

Antonio Salaverry (1986) is a Brazilian visual artist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro where he studied Electric and Electronic Engineering. He currently resides in São Paulo and develops his artistic projects. He transits through different photographic styles, but has particular interest in digital experimentation in which he denotes a reality different than the usual, whether manipulating nature or cities, and also in dialogues with the unconscious and the labyrinths of the human mind. Awarded nationally and internationally in important competitions and festivals, the images in his portfolio are available as stock images, in art galleries and in his website.

"Antonio perceives the world around us as an unlimited source of visual ingredients for his creations. Architecture provides him with lines, curves, three-dimensional geometries and light/shadow interactions. Armed with incredible sensitivity he captures perfect angles, creates unique arrangements and turns them into visual gems. In his fine art photography, Antonio tries to achieve a simple and minimalistic composition."

-Photographize Magazine Monochrome ISSUE 03

Highlights and Awards


  • Nominee 6th Fine Art Photo Awards - "Nature" Series

  • Winner Corp_Urbano Call for Collective Exhibition (Ateliê Oriente + Foto em Pauta) - image: "Like a Wave"

  • Honorable Mention 13th International Color Awards - image: "Working Man"

  • Nominee 13th International Color Awards - 5 images: "Dancers #3", "Nature Impression", "Pampulha Church", "Rush", "Ghoulish" 

  • Finalist 6th GoPix Exposée - Fine Art and Open Category with 5 images: "Works", "Squares", "Curved", "Light", "Void"

  • Pre-Selected FotoSururu Festival - 3 Series: "Nature", "People Like Us", "Streets of Buenos Aires"

  • Honorable Mention IPA One Shot Movement (International Photo Awards) - image: "Rush"



  • 1st Place Portrait - SPIDER AWARDS Black and White - image: "Laura"

  • 1st Place BRASÍLIA PHOTO SHOW - Architecture - image: "Where is he?"

  • 1st Place GREEN NATION - Certified Jury Winner - image: "The Sea and its Importance"

  • 2nd Place IPA - Special/Other (International Photography Awards) - "Rush" Series

  • 2nd Place IPA - People/Street (International Photography Awards) - "Symbiosis" Series

  • 2nd Place PHOTO NATURE Brasil - Print Category - image: "Soft Morning"

  • 2nd Place BRASÍLIA PHOTO SHOW - Cityscape - image: "The Fisherman"

  • 3rd Place IPA - Architecture/Abstract (International Photography Awards) - "Perspective" Series

  • 3rd Place IPA - People/Other (International Photography Awards) - "People Like Us" Series

  • Gold Award - TIFA - Fine Art/Special (Tokyo International Photo Awards) - "Vertigo" Series

  • Finalist PARATY EM FOCO (One Shot) - image: "Vertigo #3"

  • Finalist PARATY EM FOCO (Self-Portrait) - image: "Routine #3"

  • Finalist URBAN PHOTO AWARDS dotART - Creative - image: "Inception #1"

  • Finalist URBAN PHOTO AWARDS dotART - Portfolio - "Symbiosis" Series 

  • Hourly Winner CBRE UPOTY - 05:00 Category (Urban Photographer of The Year Competition) - image: "Where is he?"

  • Winner TIRADENTES FOTO EM PAUTA - Selected for Portfolio Show - "Vertigo" Series

  • Winner CONSTANCE Call for Individual Exhibitions, Alternative Gallery (ResumoFotográfico.com) - "Symbiosis" Series

  • Winner FEIRA ORIENTE Call for Collective Exhibition (Ateliê Oriente) - image: "Inverse Nature"

  • Silver Award - EPSON PANO AWARDS (TOP 50 Built-Environment) - image: "Stairway to Hell"

  • Silver Award - EPSON PANO AWARDS (TOP 50 Built-Environment) - image: "Perspective #3"

  • Bronze Award - EPSON PANO AWARDS (TOP 50 Built-Environment) - image: "Perspective #5"

  • Bronze Award - EPSON PANO AWARDS - image: "Perspective #7"

  • Bronze Award - EPSON PANO AWARDS - image: "Rush"

  • Honorable Mention - IPP - People (Iphone Photography Awards) - image: "Works"

  • Honorable Mention - PX3 (Prix de La Photographie Paris) - "Symbiosis" Series

  • Honorable Mention - TIFA (Tokyo International Photo Awards) - "Rush" Series

  • Honorable Mention SPIDER AWARDS Black and White - Silhouette - image: "Stairs Man"

  • 3 Honorable Mentions Monochrome Awards - images: "Perspective", "Censored", "Stairs Man"

  • 8 Honorable Mentions IPA One Shot Street Contest - images: "Niemeyer Mystery","World of Reflexes","Inserted", "The Elipse", "The March", "Where is he?", "Stairs Man"

  • 5 Honorable Mentions Monovisions Awards - series: "Dry Land", "Curved-Concrete", "Perspective", "Symbiosis", "Vertigo"

  • 5 Honorable Mentions ND AWARDS - series: "Perspective", "Skyscrapers"; images: "Perspective #1", "Perspective #6", "Perspective #7"

  • 4 Honorable Mentions IPA (International Photography Awards) - image: "Youth"; series: "Routine" x2, "Curved-Concrete" 

  • 3 Honorable Mentions MINIMALISM Photography Awards - series: "Perspective", "Curved-Concrete", "Contemporary"

  • Finalist ZEBRA Awards - 4 Categories (Fine Art, Contemporary, Architectural, Landscape) 

  • Nominee SPIDER AWARDS Black and White - Fine Art - image: "Niemeyer Mystery"

  • Editor's Pick - LENS CULTURE Street Awards - image: "The Selfie Spectacle"

  • Editor's Pick - LENS CULTURE Art Awards - image: "Urban Rush #1"


  • Winner - Constance Call for Exhibition "Diverse", Alternative Gallery (ResumoFotográfico.com) - image: "Night"

  • Winner - National Geographic Brasil Your Shot (26/08) Daily Contest - image: "Blood Moon Rising Over Belo Horizonte"


  • Honorable Mention - PX3 (Prix de La Photographie Paris) - image: "CCK Daring Architecture"

  • Honorable Mention - IPA (International Photography Awards) - image: "Dream House"

  • Honorable Mention - IPA (International Photography Awards) - image: "Skyscraper"

  • Bronze - EPSON Pano Awards Built Environment - image: "Unique Staircase"

  • Bronze - EPSON Pano Awards Nature Environment - image: "Rio de Janeiro at Dusk"